The Atom Song

This is never going to go viral like the LHC rap, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Both the history and the science are spot on, it’s just a pity that there’s a 40 second intro. Who has this amount of time to spare?

The old bed of nails

We have Open Day coming up and I was considering using the bed of nails. It’s certainly impressive, but I think we may not have enough room or time on the day.

It’s pretty cool though. And the nice thing about it is that the more nails you have on it per unit area, the more dangerous it looks but the safer it actually is (from Pressure = Force / Area).

Then all you need to add is another bed on top, and on top of this a cavity block.

Then smash the block with a sledge-hammer (this to demonstrate the property of inertia).

Then add more beds!

More teaching ideas from teachers tv

My friend Dee Maguire reminded me recently of some very useful videos on teachers tv of physics teacher David Robinson in action. Some of these are also on youtube:

The magnetic gun is also referred to as a ‘Gaussian gun’.
We had a bit of fun puting a basic one together at the end of class the other day.



Other video clips of David demonstrating can be found here on teachers tv; the radioactivity clip is particularly impressive.

You can also enter his name into the youtube seachbox for other demonstrations.

Thanks Dee

New clips on youtube

I posted very few videos on youtube last year, and am determined to rectify that this year, and in particular to put up some clips of Junior Cert classes.

Here are a couple on spherical mirrors:

 The mirrors in this next one were purchased from educationalinnovations for about €20. They have a larger, 22 inch version for $1,195. Just a little out of our budget.