Erupting volcanoes – resources for teaching

The CESI forum has been wonderful this week, providing a series of links for up to the minute news on the Eyjafjallajokull volcano which erupted this earlier in the week.

I hope they don’t mind if I borrow their links.

NASA Photo

Helicopter footage of the erupting volcano

Beautiful Photos of the eruption

Watch flights over Europe – live!
This site seems to be down at the moment – I’m not surprised.

Visit here, select [24] frames, and press [Play] … you can see the color radar starting yesterday and then the actual effects of the eruption.

Two videos from Sky News
1: Background to the eruption
2: Pilot tells his story of flying into an ash cloud

And finally a wonderful blog post (with a National Geographic video embedded) from a fantastic school blog – thank you to msleydonsclassblog – and thanks to the Teachnet gang for pointing to it in their most recent post.

But most of all thanks to the good folk at CESI who continue to demonstrate the power of collaborative learning. Chances are, most of you reading this are signed up anyway, but if not why not do so now? Just go to their homepage and down at the bottom you will see the option to subscribe – you won’t regret it (but if you do you can always unsubscribe at any stage).

And never forget children: Nature – it always bites you in the ass.


CESI annual conference next weekend

Once (and only once) a year do teachers come together from all sectors of education to share ideas and resources on teaching. You don’t get paid for attending, you don’t get a day off school and it doesn’t count as in-service training (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea) so the only teachers you will meet there will be enthusiastic and hard-working. Just like you.

CESI (the Computer Education Society of Ireland) is holding its annual conference next weekend (5th and 6th of February) in Portlaoise. There will be a highly-energised Teachmeet on the Friday night followed by a full day of presentations, workshops and seminars on Saturday.

Teachers are renowned for hoarding their resources, but here you are quite likely to see the swapping of usb files and at the very least the swapping of email addresses.

The theme for this year is Creative Technology in Challenging Times but don’t worry if you are a complete novice when it comes to technology – the very fact that you will make the effort to turn up means that you are a teacher keen to see what’s out there, and that’s all you need.

To find out more (including how to register, but you can also just turn up on the day), see the CESI conference page at http://cesi.ie/conference-2010

And to find out more about how CESI can help you why not sign up to their discussion forum (it now contains over 400 members, again from all sectors of education) at http://cesi.ie (look for the “Join the CESI mailing list” heading at the bottom of the page).

See you there.


CESI  (the Computer Education Society of Ireland) have just set up a forum for teachers at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) to promote the use of ICT and also to facilitate those who have ICT related questions.
They may end up having a blog for the more philosophical issues, and keep the forum for queries. Either way, it’s well worth subscribing.

Obviously you can unsubscribe at any stage.

Sign up here

It was set up using Googlegroups, and seems to be working very well.

Which got me to thinking:
Why is this facilty not available for teachers of Junior Cert Science. Particulary for clutz like me who have to teach a biology dissection, or for that matter for a Biology teacher who has to teach Electricity for the first time.
If nothing has been done by next September I may have a go at setting it up myself.

Afterall, if John Hegarty can do it for CESI, it can’t be that hard! 🙂

And then why not have one for a school science department themselves? What an excellent means of having an ongoing discussion between teachers who just don’t have the time to sit down with each other during the day.

One step at a time perhaps.

Do you teach a modern language? If so subscribe to Joe Dale now!



There are a whole lot of education blogs out there, but one of the very best has to be Joe Dale’s “Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom“. He gave a presentation at the CESI conference this year and people had to be turned away at the door.

Every subject needs to have a Joe Dale; someone to keep us up to date on best practice in relation to ICT issues, and who you know is a full-time teacher who practices what he preaches.

Here’s my contibution to the ‘Modern Language’ database:
Eddie Izzard – Learning French

‘Course you can’t show this wonderful clip unless you have Youtube.
Don’t mention the war

Is there an equivalent Science / Physics Teacher blog out there?
Patricia Donaghy has done her part; http://edubloggerdir.blogspot.com/ is a registration page for educational blogs where you can go and search by topic.

I guess over time more teachers will get the hang of this sharing lark.