Erupting volcanoes – resources for teaching

The CESI forum has been wonderful this week, providing a series of links for up to the minute news on the Eyjafjallajokull volcano which erupted this earlier in the week.

I hope they don’t mind if I borrow their links.

NASA Photo

Helicopter footage of the erupting volcano

Beautiful Photos of the eruption

Watch flights over Europe – live!
This site seems to be down at the moment – I’m not surprised.

Visit here, select [24] frames, and press [Play] … you can see the color radar starting yesterday and then the actual effects of the eruption.

Two videos from Sky News
1: Background to the eruption
2: Pilot tells his story of flying into an ash cloud

And finally a wonderful blog post (with a National Geographic video embedded) from a fantastic school blog – thank you to msleydonsclassblog – and thanks to the Teachnet gang for pointing to it in their most recent post.

But most of all thanks to the good folk at CESI who continue to demonstrate the power of collaborative learning. Chances are, most of you reading this are signed up anyway, but if not why not do so now? Just go to their homepage and down at the bottom you will see the option to subscribe – you won’t regret it (but if you do you can always unsubscribe at any stage).

And never forget children: Nature – it always bites you in the ass.


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