CESI  (the Computer Education Society of Ireland) have just set up a forum for teachers at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) to promote the use of ICT and also to facilitate those who have ICT related questions.
They may end up having a blog for the more philosophical issues, and keep the forum for queries. Either way, it’s well worth subscribing.

Obviously you can unsubscribe at any stage.

Sign up here

It was set up using Googlegroups, and seems to be working very well.

Which got me to thinking:
Why is this facilty not available for teachers of Junior Cert Science. Particulary for clutz like me who have to teach a biology dissection, or for that matter for a Biology teacher who has to teach Electricity for the first time.
If nothing has been done by next September I may have a go at setting it up myself.

Afterall, if John Hegarty can do it for CESI, it can’t be that hard! 🙂

And then why not have one for a school science department themselves? What an excellent means of having an ongoing discussion between teachers who just don’t have the time to sit down with each other during the day.

One step at a time perhaps.


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