Dear Wife: These are my demands


    1. That my clothes and laundry are kept in good order and repair.
    2. That I receive my three meals regularly in my room.
    3. That my bedroom and my office are always kept neat, in particular, that the desk is available to me alone.
    4. You are to renounce all personal relations and refrain from criticising me either in word or deed in front of my children.
    5. You are neither to expect intimacy from me nor reproach me in any way.
    6. You must desist immediately from addressing me if I request it.
    7. You must leave my bedroom or office immediately without protest if I so request.

So who’s the bastard?
None other than the great Albert Einstein; he made these demands of  his first wife Mileva, who actually agreed to the terms.
The marriage didn’t last much longer.

Taken from the wonderful book Quantum, by Manjit Kumar.