Solutions to (old edition) of Fundamental Applied Maths

I have had three students work on this for a week or so, scanning in page after page after page during their lunchtime breaks.

So a big thank you to Eoin and the two Jacks for giving up their spare time to help Applied Maths teachers and students all over the country.

The document is available from the homepage here and I have received permission from the author Oliver Murphy.

I can’t image that the publishers have any issue with my making solutions available to a textbook that is no longer in print, but if they do I will of course remove the offending article.

Apparently the solutions to the new edition of the textbook are available from if you are using that book.

Personally I don’t use any textbook. The notes that I use  contain questions on each topic going right back to the beginning – 40 years ago. I also issue a copy of the marking schemes/worked solutions for each question and we pretty much get stuck into exam questions right from the get-go. All of my resources are freely available from the website above.

At the moment most topics list the questions chronologically; I am in the process of re-setting these to that the questions are graded in relation to difficulty within each type of question. That may take a while.


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