An appreciation . . .

Every now and again I get a letter like the following, which makes all the time and effort put in over the years worthwhile. The letter has been edited slightly to protect the innocent.

(I also just received my first donation on the website – thanks Lisa – so I’m now up to a grand total of €50.  Actually my sister also donated €1 over a year ago, just to confirm that the link was actually working, but I’ve been meaning to give that back).

Dear Sir,

My name is ______________.  I am a student who undertook Physics for Leaving Cert 2 years ago.
My physics teacher . . .
I was under the impression that Physics would be an easy subject . . . and that it required no work. How very wrong I was.

When I saw notes over the summer of 5th year belonging to my friends in other schools I saw how much work I had to do. Luckily I stumbled across your website and from then on things looked brighter. I suggested the site to my class mates and we immediately started to ‘get the hang’ of Physics.

I scored an A2 in Physics and surpassed my expectations. Of a class of 18 there were 3 A grade, 12 B grades 2 C grades and an A at ordinary level, all thanks to you and your marvelous notes.

I’ve gone on to study Biomedical Science. I still use the basic fundamentals of physics everyday, and I learned these fundamentals from you. 4 from the class went on to study Physics in the class, 6 went on to do Engineering, and 2 are studying music. The rest are in Mathematical Sciences and Veterinary.

On behalf of our class, I just wanted to thank you. We may never meet you in person, but you have made a huge impact on the direction of our education, simply by making what we were learning interesting. I cannot thank you enough for this.

My sincerest thanks and best wishes,


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