Applied Maths Resources II

To go with the previous post on Applied Maths papers there is an accompanying set of notes on each topic here.
Many of these are 30 – 40 pages long so don’t print unless you have to; when I distribute these to students I use the photocopier to photocopy two pages onto one (A3 – A4) and also to go double-sided. This reduces the number of pages by a factor of 4.

Each topic has its own contents page at the beginning which breaks the chapter up into sub-topics.  Each sub-topic then has an introduction and some exam questions with worked solutions (or at least most do – it’s still a work in progress). There is then a guide to answering the individual questions (which also includes the answers), although I think this  only goes from 2010 to 1995. Every question from 2010 to 1970 is included in the booklet with similar-type questions arranged together.

If you’re a teacher feel free to copy any or all of this to suit your own purposes; life, as always, is simply too short for anything else.

There is also a 1 page guide to approaching the exam itself on the same page.

Hope it’s useful.


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