Applied Maths Resources

A bit late in the year perhaps, but for anyone out there studying (or teaching) Applied Maths it might be worth noting that I have uploaded a full set of exam questions in the Exam Material section of the website. These go from 2010 all the way back to 1970. I scanned them in from some old papers I had filed away and then converted them to Microsoft Word so that they can be easily incorporated into other documents (more on that later).

It was an interesting exercise in that up until that point I thought that Applied Maths was one of the very few subjects which required more than simply learning off past questions, but it turns out that if you are prepared to cover the full gamut of questions then almost every question you will see in the 2011 or 2012 paper will be very close in apperance to at least one question which has appeared in the past.

Because I have converted into Microsoft Word there is sure to be the odd typo along the way, which is why  on the same page you can have access to the original papers which I scanned in and uploaded (these only go back to 1976 because the quality of the 1975 – 1970 papers was simply too poor to read after scanning).

In the meantime I am working on a set of solutions for all these – some of which have already been provided by a colleague so it’s a case of trying to fill in the gaps but when I have them I intend to stick them up on the same page – stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath!

Sure to be of use to someone – try to avoid printing these if you can.

And good luck with the study.


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