Leaving Cert Physics: Definitions from Past Papers

This word document has now been updated; not only does it now include all definitions from the 2009 paper but it also includes all definitions from Ordinary Level papers from 2002 – 2009.
The document can be accessed from the revision page of thephyiscsteacher.ie

The answer to each question is also included; hopefully this allows for non-physics friends/parents/brothers/sisters to ask the questions and check the answers as you go along.

It is notable that in some instances the ordinary level definitions are actually more difficult ( and at times rather obtuse) than the higher level questions. I have noticed something similar in the Junior Cert Science papers over the years. I suspect that while many of us write in to exams commission to comment on the higher level paper, few of us ever bother to analyse the ordinary level paper in the same detail and so these anomalies go unchecked.
Anyways, as always the document is on the leaving cert physics revision page.
Hope it’s useful.


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