Hiking in Scotland

My colleague Mark Campion organised a hiking trip to Scotland for the last few days of the holidays for 15 students plus 5 teachers.

Stunning scenery and great walks for four days. Torrential downpours on day 5.

Day 5 was the best.

Click on the flick icon on the right (scroll down to find it) to see more pics.

We had a ball.

Bring on another year.


More youtube and some Flickr

Decided it was time to see what I could do with Flickr, so I spent the day taking photos of Junior Cert Science demo apparatus. The plan is that I will show this to students and they will have to name the demonstration. Hopefully it will help the second-years revise for Summer exams. It must be rather daunting to have to go from a year of short class tests, to a set of formal exams which require knowledge  taken in over the whole year.

Students can hopefully access this themselves if they wish, although I may  print it off for those who don’t have the facilities.

Bloody nice spectrum though innit?

Thanks Conor!

Of course there’s still the bread ‘n butter leaving cert material: