I came across this site quite some time ago, but it must have been in its early stages because I didn’t appreciate its potential at the time. is an ideal starting point for videos on any given category, and it cross-references all the major video sites, such as google, youtube, metacafe etc.
I have just spent the last 6 hours browsing through its science category. Very impressive. It offers a lot of potential for science teachers, and indeed teachers in general.

I have just spent the entire evening browsing through the science/tech category and it is indeed very impressive.
There is usually a reference somewhere along the bottom to the original video, and sometimes a direct link to it.

these videos can then be saved for you within the site itself (assuming you have registered), or can simply be added to your favourites folder.

Alternatively you can download them directly to your desktop with a suitable video downloader program. This may mean that you have to view them within youtube or videogoogle because many of the video downloader programs recognise these but not the site.

As with my last post, this may offer a possible alternative to the mainstream video sites which are banned in schools, although there’s no guarantee that this site won’t itself be banned.

Anyway . . .
On a more immediate front, young Harper in form 5 has been bugging me about why light can travel through glass, but not concrete, and because there aren’t enough people who ask questions in this world I need to put some resources together, if only to point him in the right direction.
It’s late.
Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow . . .