science videos

Wonderful bank of science videos:

It’s no substitute for the real thing (YouTube) but is still a tremendous resource. The video section has taken hundreds of science videos and chopped them up into bitesize chunks, which is ideal for today’s student and their lack of attention-span.

I have included links to many of them in the website under the appropriate chapter heading, and it means that I now have links in almost every chapter at Junior Cert level, which is nice if I do say so myself. It means that teachers can get into the habit of checking out the relevant web-page every time they start a new topic.

Teaching crystals? Here are two wonderful (and beautiful) videos:
1. The largest crystals in the world are to be found in Naica, Mexico (2:40)
2. Watch crystals develop in a beaker of super-saturated solution (1:00)

Howstuffworks: a wonderful resource which deserves to be more well-known.