primary teachers

CESI conference 2008

I attended the CESI conference over the weekend.
It was a wonderful occasion. I hope to blog about the various presentations over the next week or so. I have been to plenty of conferences in the past but can never one where
there was such an amount of energy coming from the floor. I think it was helped greatly by the fact that there were so many presentations, and because nearly all of these were ‘regular’ teachers themselves they tended to  stay for both days so there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions during coffee breaks.

The other eye-opener was the number of Primary school teachers. They probably out-numbered us two or three to one. This was partly explained by the fact that at primary level you have more time and opportunity to engage with ICT projects, and the class doesn’t move on after 40 minutes, but still . . .???

The most memorable presentation was from Tommy Maher about what his school got up to over the last year or two.
Unbelievable stuff.

For another day.