Who needs school anyway?

Just read about these boys on Damien Mulley’s blog

John Collision is in fifth year in Castletroy College in Limerick. During transition year (and into his holidays) he and his brother Patrick set up an IT company. They later merged with two similar-minded colleagues from the UK.

Their company – Auctomatic – was recently acquired “in a multi million-dollar deal” by a Canadian multinational:

The Auctomatic mission is making selling online easy. We think it should be simple to take your stuff and list it on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Overstock. But it shouldn’t end there. Auctomatic does more than just let you list your items and manage your sales – it teaches how you can maximize your profits and to increase the success of your business. With Auctomatic you can be running your own successful online business in no time.

Must be kinda hard as a teacher to give out to someone who has earned more in a couple of years than the teacher has made over their whole career.

“Now John, one of these days you will be coming back to us for a reference . . .” 🙂

John studies Physics and Applied Maths as part of his Leaving Cert course. It would be interesting to hear his views on what -if anything – he has learned from his formal education.

John’s blog