Promoting Applied Maths in your school

Applied Maths is one of the few subjects that has no counterpart at Junior Cert level. As such students often have little idea about the subject, which partly explains its low take-up rate for the Leaving Cert. The following are some ideas I use when promoting Applied Maths in the school.
As teachers we don’t usually go talking to individual students about their subject-choice for the Leaving Cert but it’s important to note that many students may not consider doing Applied Maths simply because nobody has ever suggested it to them  Sometimes just a quiet word with one or two students who you know are comfortable at maths may be enough to make them consider a subject they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.
I run two or three ‘taster’ classes around this time each year just so the students have some idea about the subject. I give them out a workbook and also a separate ‘Common Questions which Students ask about Applied Maths’ booklet which aims to answer many of the questions they may have about the subject (see below for the link).
I also ask their houseperson to forward on an email from me to the parents of all TY students and I attach the ‘Common Questions’ booklet for them to look through. I encourage the parents to get back in touch with me if they need any more information. Parents and students may be reluctant to sign up to a subject if they are unsure what’s involved, and sometimes just letting them know that you’ve available for them might be enough to make them reconsider.
Having said all that, I didn’t find last year’s paper to be one which would encourage the uptake of the subject.
I have attached the information booklet below – it would need to be edited to suit your own school.
I have copied and pasted information from both the IAMTA journals and website into the booklets so I make no claims as to their originality.

Applied Maths: Whats It All About? by physicsteacher

Just some ideas.

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