An open letter to @TheScienceGuy

bill nyeDear Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy

You ask what NASA can do for science education. Funny you should ask.

One of the most famous clips in all of Science is actually NASA’s own video of the hammer and feather drop by an astronaut on the Apollo 15 mission.
Given the budget of NASA, would it be possible for them to throw a few dollars at this video clip to make it more user-friendly; you know, digitally edited and remastered with all the bells and whistles where the viewer can clearly see what’s happening?
Currently it is very fuzzy and only gets worse when it is projected onto a large screen in a classroom.

It’s a beautiful demonstration, and rightly pays homage to one of the defining moments in Science (even if, as historians claim, it never actually happened).

It would be nice to show a cleaned-up version to students, possibly with a slo-mo follow-up.

It always amazes me how many students have never heard of this demonstration or have never stood up on a bench and tried to replicate it.

You did ask . . .


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