On the lack of wonder in education: Monbiot hits it on the button

George Monbiot, who writes for The Guardian, finished a recent piece on communication in science with the following:

We are deprived by our stupid schooling system of most of the wonders of the world, of the skills and knowledge required to navigate it, above all of the ability to understand each other. Our narrow, antiquated education is forcing us apart like the characters in a Francis Bacon painting, each locked in our boxes, unable to communicate.

There’s that word again: wonder. Why does eveybody ignore this- surely it’s not that difficult to fix?



  1. Not thatdifficult to fix, eh?
    Having taught for many years, I’d say it was next to impossible. Amongst the immediate factors preventing it are the following:

    The incaceration of the young in education way past the age whne they can decide ther own intersts and take responsibility for them.

    The infantilism of the curriculum, and the missing 3Rs.

    The busybodying of the bureaucrats/politicians.

    The inadequacy – indeed, blind stupidity – of teaching theory, due to the systems of certainty peddled by the educationalists.

    The lack of focused and generally well-educated teachers who understand something of the philosphical and moral imperatives of the West, and their basis in wonder.

    And so on….and on….

  2. Another teacher chiming in –

    The lack of teachers and parents who understand something of “gravitas” – a philosophical and moral imperative of the West.

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