The precautionary principle gone mad


This sign now seems to be appearing regularly in petrol stations across the country. Presumably it’s because the owners are afraid that the mobile can somehow cause a spark, even though there is not the slightest bit of evidence that this can happen. Maybe it’s related to the demonstration involving mobile phones cooking pop-corn. We seem to be approaching the day when it’s not even Wikipedia we have to worry about as the source of all knowledge, but YouTube.

For the record, there is also no possibility that mobiles can cook popcorn, so yes, some of those videos may just be hoaxes.

There does seem to be something not quite right about banning the use of phones while on the same pump having a picture of a big juicy hot-dog – I guess the heart attack you get in a few years’ time can’t be attritubed back to the station.

Oh, and don’t rub your bum on the car seat either.


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