Evolution to be taught in UK primary schools

Evolution is to be taught in UK primary schools

And we still can’t get it on the Junior Cert Biology syllabus at secondary level.
Now when I say ‘we can’t get it on the syllabus’ that may be a little misleading – it may well be that no biology teacher cares enough to do anything about it. That may be a little harsh, but I have yet to hear any teacher raise the issue, and that’s what hurts.

There may well have been lectures on the topic of evolution over Science Week (because that’s when we show students that Science is interesting) and it is certainly one of the more popular topics when it comes to science documentaries (anybody else watching the incredible BBC series Life with David Attenborough?).

So why can’t we join the dots and teach it in our schools?

So next time you read about those silly yanks who want creationism taught in their high schools spare a thought for us equally silly paddies.


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  1. Evolution unlike PE or citizenship is the answer to the question ‘how did we get here?’
    Every child deserves to be informed about the basic facts concerning the world where he she and his or her parents live. Familiarity with biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy and basic health and hygiene should be a pre-requisite of parental care and kindergarden teaching let alone be on the syllabus of every school from day one.
    Evolotion requires no discussion by politicians or educationalists. It is a set of simple facts which require learning (the serious hard work was done by scientists 120 years ago). If you do not learn to walk you will fall over, if you do not understand evolution you are a prime candidate for reality TV or member of parliament.

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