Physics notes – now with a full set of solutions

I may have mentioned that puting together the Junior Cert notes took rather a long time. Well it wasn’t much compared to how long it took to update the Leaving Cert notes.
For these I took all the exam papers from 2002 to 2009 at both higher level and ordinary level and broke up each question into the smallest chunks possible.
I then arranged these questions by topic, in the order in which the concepts appear in the notes themselves, so we’re left with a pretty comprehensive bank of questions.

Oh, and I typed up full solutions for these also.

This will hopefully be beneficial not only to students, but also to teachers (particularly new teachers) who want to make sure that they have all the material covered, and at the correct depth.

While it may have taken all Summer to put together, updating it each year shouldn’t prove too onerous.
Again, the intention is to see if it’s possible to publish this online for anyone to download as a booklet rather than coughing up beaucoup de moolah in these somewhat troubled times.  This would also involve replacing the odd copyright image with a more legimate substitute and problably sticking in some sample questions in most chapters also.

All in good time.

I also dug out some (okay – all) of the comments which teachers and students have sent my way over the last couple of years and put a link to it on the homepage – it is really is hugely rewarding to receive these, so if that’s you then thanks!


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