Leaving Cert Physics Notes: now with experiments

My homework over the Easter break was to write up all the Leaving Cert Physics Mandatory Experiments, including diagrams, sources of error and precautions.
I have incorporated them into the notes (they are at the very end) so now there’s no excuse for not having them written up on time!

They do tend to add bulk to what gets printed out and photocopied, which is not a good thing.
I would also like to have all the pages automatically numbered for easy reference but to do so pushes up the text at the bottom of the page considerably and results in even more pages being required.
Anybody know of a way around this?

I used  four different sites to help me:

  1. Tom Healy’s site at thealy.com
  2. Tim Brophy’s site on teachnet
  3. Sean Foley’s site at mathsphysics.com
  4. The physics pages at slss.ie

Thanks to all concerned.

If they’re any use to you feel free to use them as they are or copy, paste and adjust them as required. You don’t need to let me know, but it would be nice. To see when and where the individual experiments came up on the exam paper just check the test questions which are also in the notes; they are all cross-referenced with the marking schemes which accompany them.
Together with the related syllabus extracts I hope that makes up the complete package.
Leaving Cert Physics Notes




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