Podcast on Leaving Cert definitions


After taking so much time to put the last podcast together on neutrinos and then post about it, the hosting site Podomatic went down for maintanance for 24 hours. So I don’t know how that affected your feed, but if you got nothing then for once it wasn’t my fault. Unless the reason it went down was as a result of something I did, which would be impressive even for me.

Another possibility is that I after I uploaded the podcast so many people tried to gain access at the same time that the server just couldn’t handle the traffic 🙂

In which case a lot of people are in for a disappointment with this one. It consists of physics definitions which have appeared on leaving cert exam papers going back to 2002. When the new syllabus first appeared we were told that there was going to  be less emphasis on learning stuff  ‘off by heart’, particulary in relation to definitions. In practice this may well have been the case, the problem however is that because some definitions still appear, students have to cover all definitions to ensure they know the few which come up.

The syllabus is also unhelpful in that it’s not at all obvious what constitutes a defintion, but perhaps when the new syllabus comes out (in the year 20??) it may be more clear.

Apparently over 200 people have subscribed to this podcast, and that was after only two uploads, one of which was put together by two students.
One question: Why?

I think some people who were hoping to be entertained are going to be sorely disappointed with this one. No chance of it going viral then. It will be interesting to see if students find it useful. If you are a student don’t be afraid to let me know how I can improve.

I have put a link to both the podcast and the script on the Leaving Cert Revision page of thephysicsteacher.ie

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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