Junior Cert Revision




To access the Junior Cert Revision document, simply right-lick on the link below and then choose ‘Save Target As’ to save it to your computer

Junior Cert Revision Schedule

Revision is one of those areas where I suspect some of us fall down.
Particulary at Christmas time, I tend to forget that while the top students seem to have no problem knowing what to learn and how to plan their revision, us lesser mortals could do with a bit of guidance.

While there are plenty of students who won’t open a book over Christmas (and good luck to you), for those who are trying hard, you could probably do with a little guidance. Hopefully this will help.

Don’t forget to ask your teachers NICELY to help you put together a list of tasks which will help with your revision.
And say THANK YOU to Ms Marion Mcginn for coming up with the template.
Remember that you can always edit this to suit your own needs.

Good luck!


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