Ten great ideas revisited

The amazing thing about our science education is not that so many run away from it, but rather that any at all stick with it. We really do an exceptional job of sucking out all the good stuff.

There must be a website out there somewhere concentrating on the most wonderful ideas in science for the non-specialist, but I haven’t been able to find it.

So I’m going to do one.

Ten ideas. I’m sure the number will grow. Then link each to relevant external resources; these must be interesting, informative and aimed at an appropriate level.
For project work I could maybe get students to pick one which interests them, research it in detail and report back to the class.

Because I am fascinated by science, and am sick to death of teaching students how to measure the density of a stone.

I have put together a word document on this for a recent Fourth Year test; it’s a start.


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