Planet-scicast video competition


The Institute of Physics used to run “Paperclip Physics”; a competition where students had five minutes to present/teach a given topic in an interesting fashion.

This year they have replaced this competition with “Planet-Scicast”, where students have to put together a two and a half minute video-clip on any aspect of Science.

It’s a wonderful idea. Entries are closed for this year but I hope to encourage some of my own students to think about it over the Summer and enter next year. I know that I learned more Phyiscs in my first year of teaching than I did in the previous six years of preparing for exams. Hopefully students will benefit in a similar fashion.

In the clip above there is a wonderful moment when the student says

It takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit around the Sun, but 366 on a leap year.

 Wouldn’t it be great to be able to ask the class why this might be so? 🙂

Hats off to the teacher – it is wonderful teaching, and much more importantly, wonderful learning



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  1. Thanks for the link and kind words! I’m glad you spotted that leap year line too – it’s one of my favourites of this first year of the project. Unreasonably cute.

    We’re taking submissions on a rolling basis, so feel free to send us material whenever you like, and it’ll be eligible for the 2008-9 Awards. You might also want to sign up for the ‘Producer’s Handbook’ we’re preparing: — full of useful stuff, honest. Plus it’s really pretty.

    Ultimately, we’re hoping the site will be both a reference and inspiration source for students and educators alike – hence the focus on films that are short, entertaining, and practical. Plus the process of making short films is itself valuable experience, we reckon.

    Downloads and podcasts are ‘coming soon’ (they have been for months, but this time I really mean it… honest!), and we’re hoping to announce more partnerships later in the year.

    Finally, to continue your Leidenfrost theme, try this:

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