Good day Bad day

Good day
John Henderson has suggested setting up an email network on gmail for anybody interested in ‘ICT in Education’ issues. This may finally get us teachers talking to each other. I am just a little bit excited.Good man yourself John.

Bad day
Had to forego the lunch which followed because I had a mountain of ‘Mock’ papers to correct.

Good day
Came across this answer to the question ‘What is self-induction?’

Self-Induction is when you have been rejected so many times by clubs and have gotten so pathetic that you’ve actually inducted yourself into a non-existent club that its only member is you and you alone . . . . Oh I wish someone else would join.

Sean, you’ve a bright future ahead of you – I’m just not sure it’s going to be in Physics.And this in response to the question ‘What are the four fundamental forces in Nature?’

Science: Gravity Electromagnetic, Strong, Weak

Religion: God, The Holy Spirit, Jesus, Their own ego

(At this stage I would like to emphasise that these are not my own views :)).

Bad day
Remembered I offered the editor of the Irish Science Teachers’ Journal that I would write an aticle on ICT issues related to Science Teaching. Bad timing. Deadline looming. Need to work on it tonight.

Good Day
Took a break in the name of ‘research’ and googled “physics teacher blog” and found Dean Baird’s The Blog of Phyz.Lots of good reading, but I like this post the best so far. There are so many experiment books for ideas on demonstrations out there, but their day has surely passed due to the advent of video-sites like youtube.

I had heard of the Leidenfrost Effect before, but there can’t be too mant easier or more impressive demonstrations of it than this one.

He includes a couple of more clips, including one which goes wrong, which is nice to see because as every physics teacher knows whether we are comfortable admitting it or not, things go wrong A LOT in Physics.
Thanks Doug


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