Internet Safety competition

I’m not tech guru, and I’m still at the bottom of a very steep learning curve when it comes to incorporating ICT into my lessons, but I can’t help feeling a little dismayed whenever I hear people who should know better warn about the dangers of internet usage to the point where you imagine they would prefer if the damn thing had never been invented.

So it was nice to come across details of a video competetion from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

This competition should get entrants thinking about their privacy by considering :·        Advantages / disadvantages of the growing use of technology as a means to recording personal information including the use of Biometrics·        The security that CCTV brings Vs possible invasion of privacy·        Use of RFID (radio frequency identification tags) on products ·        Social networking and the electronic footprints we leave behind·        Are we evolving into a ‘Big Brother’ environment as depicted in George Orwells ‘1984’?  

·        What is the line between legitimate gathering of information and a surveillance society? “

Maybe I’m biased but it seems to be slanted slightly towards the “Beware the hooded monster” side of the argument.

It’s not going to change public opinion or anything, but it’s a nice start, particulary if it engages students. Nice prizes too.

Privacy in the 21st century competition

On youtube


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