Students’ blogs

I was talking recently about setting up a group blog for students doing Scifest 2008.

John Hegarty suggested Google Groups might be a good way to go, and also mentioned that Tom Kendall gives talks on blogging in schools and he suggests the following site as a platform to work on

Tom has set up two of these in his own school: and

Mags Amond however has suggested another alternative, which she mentioned on the DICTAT forum

“Also, nearer home, TeachNet / Digital Hub people are piloting a space for Irish Second Level students called Project Blogger (building with WordPress). The TY science students in 15 schools are being introduced to it over these few weeks, so Blogs being what they are there hopefully should be something to see very soon.”

All of these are involved with CESI, which is holding its conference on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th February, so maybe I’ll delay things a little and hopefully talk to them there.



  1. Hi there ozymandias1!
    Only just discoverd that I am included on your blogroll. Thanks very much. Hope you are getting some helpful tips. Your site brings me back to my youth as I studied physics and chemistry at school. Wish these types of blogs had been around in my day! Also delighted to find another irish edublogger. I know there are lots out there but I haven’t come across many yet.

    I would like to invite you and any of your readers to join the International Edubloggers Directory at

  2. Hello Patricia,
    I agree with you, imagine if we had the opportunity to see what our teachers were into when we were at school (at least I think that’s a good thing!)
    Had a quick look at the edublogger site and it seems a wonderful idea. I will definitely sign up, hopefully tomorrow.
    Thanks for getting in touch.

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