Why so few blogs from teachers?

I have been searching for Irish educational blogs lately and there seem to be very few about.

Matt Reville is a Primary School resource teacher and has an interesting blog here, while www.anseo.net is a wonderful diary of primary school teachers and their experiences.

http://www.pedablogy.com/ is a blog from Seoghan Moriarty about, as he says himself, “An eclectic collection of articles, links and remarks about the potential of ICT to enhance education.”

St Columba’s College in Dublin have a wonderful blog which exemplifies all that is good about this technology..

There are other forums where teachers talk to each other, like dictat, which again is for Primary schools with ICT queries, or the Physics teachers’ forum here.

And there are various forums like boards.ie, but all in all it’s a little sparse.




  1. >Agreed…
    >but it’s a bit better than it was this time last year

    And given that I’m only in this game a wet week myself I hope I didn’t sound sanctimonious.

    >[Another Irish blog well worth a visit is >http://www.slua.com – an eTwinning Award >winning blog.]

    Had a quick look but not enough to do it justice. Judging from the number of comments from teachers it must be impressive. Will also have to dig out the eTwinning brouchures i got last year which are currently buried well down the ‘to do’ pile!

  2. eTwinning; Well worth doing… 😉

    There’s also some interest in blogging showing up on the CESI conference programme this year… maybe see you there? http://www.cesi.ie/conference/index.html

    And, interestingly, Patricia Donaghy a blogger writing out of Inchicore FE college has started putting a kind of register of edu.ie blogs together; she’s on pdonaghy.edublogs.org .

  3. did blog a long time ago but due to lack of Internet access and now working for a agency of the DES where my opinion would diverge from the Minister’s, it is safer to keep my thoughts to myself 🙂 I have been without a proper job long enough!!

  4. Thanks a million for the mention of Anseo.net in your article. Things are picking up very slowly with a few teachers starting to test out blogging. The feedback I get is that teachers are surprised by how easy it is.

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