The Physics of Christmas

Related Links, courtesy of the PTNC forum

Is Santa Real?
A scientific debate which looks at both sides

Star of Bethlemen
What are the possible explanations? (in swf format)

Ian Robertson has provided the following nugget:
At xmas every year for some 24 hours by far the busiest website in the world far is Norad Santa . Here the men and women of the North American Aerospace Defense Command behind the strongest doors in the world protecting their command centre under Cheyenne mountain use a range of surveillance technology to track Santa’s sleigh.
Kicks off in December.
Santa 2025
An uptodate activity (you need to register):
Santa is planning ahead for when humans colonise the rest of the Solar System – he may decide to move to another planet! In this fun activity pupils analyse planetary data to find which planet best satisfies Santa’s future requirements.

They then e-mail Santa to advise him of their decision, and – if you wish – design a Christmas card to show why this planet is such a great place to spend Christmas.


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