Progress is slow

Have been playing with electrostatics quite a bit lately, partly to try and establish how to guarantee that the demos will work as expected (see previous blog).
When it works well it is actually very impressive, but taking a video of this gives the impression that it is always this straightforward, which is not at all helpful to new teachers who will expect everything to work perfectly first time, and may be silly enough to not have gone through it themselves beforehand.

On the I.T. front, I stuck a few aul’ videos onto youtube and googlevideo. They certainly allow for better quality viewing than downloading straight from thephysicsteacher site, and also allow for feedback which will hopefully prove useful.
The disadvantage is that they are almost definitely blocked in most schools, so can only be viewed at home.
Youtube has a time limit of 10 minutes, which is a pity because apart from short demonstrations, many of the video clips I have are twice as long. Googlevideo is not as popular and I have also had quite a few problems uploading. This sure is one big pain in the rear end.


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