I love my job.

I teach Physics and Science in a private second level school in Dublin.
It’s a good school to work in.

I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else; I like students, I like helping people.
I am not particularly clever but I know enough to realise that we are living in extraordinory times.
And I get to combine all this in one job.

I have classes in Physics and Applied Maths at leaving cert and fifth year, and they are all a joy to teach.

It’s always bugged me that we teachers are a very closeted group. We close the door to our classroom and we become kings of our own kingdom. This causes all sort of problems.

Anyway, this is an attempt to address this in some small way.
I hope this to be a very honest description of my job, warts and all.
Time will tell.

I have a website, but due to lack of expertise it’s progressing very slowly.

One day at a time.


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